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Characters: Dean, Sam, Bela, Crowley, OCs
Rating: R for violence and bad language
Word Count: 15,000 words
Warnings: Brief trigger warning for a discussion of childhood sexual abuse. Bela explains why she made her crossroads deal.
Written as a pinch hit for the 2011 spn_reversebang.
Art Prompt Title: Why Do I Love You?, by skylar0grace.

Summary: Season Three AU. Deviates from canon after episode 3x13 (Ghostfacers). A mostly-gen casefic (a little bit of Dean/Bela). The fic takes place in March of 2008, shortly after Bela steals the Colt, and two months before Dean's crossroads deal comes due.

Late one night, Dean disappears from a motel room, leaving behind signs of a struggle, and a very worried Sam. When a gorgeous brunette crossroads demon materializes and demands to know where Dean and Bela Talbot are hiding -- Sam and the demon quickly realize that neither one of them is responsible for Dean or Bela's disappearance.

Sam reluctantly agrees to team up with the crossroads demon. They follow Sam's single, thin lead to a Caligari House, a very private and exclusive auction house that shifts between dimensions to avoid "unpleasantness."

But Sam must find his brother before dawn. If he doesn't, Caligari House will vanish... and it won't reappear on Earth for another two centuries.

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Roadhouse Girl (Supernatural)

Characters: Jo Harvelle, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Ruby & Zachariah
Rating: R for language
Word Count: Approximately 6,000 words

Goes AU after 5x10, "Abandon all Hope." Takes place an indeterminate time afterward. Mostly Gen, with a little bit of Jo/Sam at the end.

Written for spn_reversebang, where the artists create works first, then the authors claim them, and write stories for them. I picked astralavator's Untitled Prompt.
Here is the rest of the wonderful art she created.

Thanks to lupinevirtuoso for yet another heroic, last-minute beta!

Summary: Jo Harvelle always thought she'd go to Heaven when she died. Probably. But, instead of sitting on a cloud and playing a harp for all eternity, Jo found herself at the Roadhouse -- the afterworld version. Just another watering hole along the Axis Mundi: the road passing through Heaven and Hell, and all the territories between.

Here, the night never ends, the drinks never stop flowing... and everybody comes to Harvelle's.

Wherever I may roam – over land or sea or foam – you"ll always hear me singing this song: show me the way to go home.Collapse )
SPOILERS through "Swan Song" (5x22).
AU episode coda (the story takes a left turn during "Swan Song").
Written as an apocalyptothon pinch hit for inkandchocolate.
Approximately 3,000 words
Rated R for frankly-described violence, and Dean swearing a blue streak.
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Original Request: "Who doesn't love a knock down, drag out, duel to the death cage match between angels and demons? Well, aside from humanity, I mean. The boys are left in the smoking rubble (literally or not, up to you) and trying to figure out what comes next and who's left."

I"m a rolling thunder, a pouring rain. I"m comin" on like a hurricane. My lightning"s flashing across the sky. You"re only young, but you"re gonna die.Collapse )

The Blue Dunes (Veronica Mars)

SPOILERS through the end of Season Two.
Takes place during the summer after Season Two, interspersed with pre-series flashbacks. Completely AU.
After his father's funeral, Logan finds life at The Neptune Grand intolerable, so he packs the Xterra and takes off. But outrunning his ghosts isn't easy.
Rated R for Logan swearing a lot, as usual.
Approx. 6,500 words.

This is the fourth (and final) fic in the Extra Credit series of one-shots, which begins with Chopped Liver, continues with Thursday Next, and Sticks and Stones. (And Stay the Night. Sort of. "Stay the Night" is my AU of, uh… my AU.) The Extra Credit series pairs Logan with Caitlin Ford from 1x02, "Credit Where Credit's Due."

I've got a handful of unfinished VM fics on my hard drive that will likely never be finished, yet this particular story would not let go of me. I don't know why. Its tenacity paid off, though. It got itself written. For the one or two of you who might care slightly that I've wrapped up the story of Logan and Caitlin -- a series I began writing in January of 2006 -- wellp… here ya go. Enjoy. 8^)

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I was far away from home, haunted and tired with travel, in a cheap hotel room I"d never seen…Collapse )

Meow Mix (Supernatural)

AU, set midway through Season 4. SPOILERS for that season.
Rated R (for one swear word).
Bela escapes the Hellhounds. Not surprisingly... that's only where the trouble begins for the Winchester brothers. (Approx. 5,000 words.)
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I"m a feline Casanova -- hey man, that"s that. Get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man. Get my dinner from a garbage can. Meow... Yeah, don"t cross my path.Collapse )
Index of DarkRoast's Fics
Rated R for one swear word.
Written for the apocalyptothon challenge.
Spoilers for SG-1 "Absolute Power" (4x17), and a small but important spoiler for "Dollhouse."
After taking over the world, Daniel Jackson meets his match. A very AU universe taking off from "Absolute Power." Also, total crackfic

When you ask him anything, he never answers no. He just yes-es you to death, and as he takes your dough, he tells you: "Yes, we have no bananas. We have no bananas today."Collapse )
SPOILERS through Episode 4x10, Heaven and Hell. The fic takes place shortly after that episode.
Rated R for bad language.
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NOTES: This is a very, very belated Sweet Charity Fic for innie_darling, who picked one of my old ideas out of a Plot Bunny Graveyard that I'd posted on my LJ last January. D8 The prompt involved Dean, and a time loop, and a haunted bed and breakfast. I'd always wanted to write that fic, and I'd never gotten around to it, so I was excited.

Well… it turns out there's a perfectly good reason those fics were in the Plot Bunny Graveyard. I tried to get the time loop story to go. I tried for months. No joy. It just lay there in all its dead bunny-ness. I wanted to write that story, but that story did not want to be written.

I felt horrible.

Until the day I was driving home from the Rite-Aid, having purchased a milk chocolate Terry's Chocolate Orange. That was when I got… An Idea. It involved a time loop, and Dean, and that was about all the resemblance it bore to the original prompt. But, oh… golly! I liked this idea. I liked it a lot. It was yummy. And Christmasy. And dark. I sat down with my laptop, intending to write the beginning, maybe figure out some notes, and I ended up writing all of the first draft in one day.

So, Innie… dear, patient Innie… here is your fic. Even though it's not exactly (okay, it's not remotely) what you picked. I hope you enjoy it anyhow…

Happy Holidays!

"If I give away all I have, and if I deliver my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing." -- 1 Corinthians, 13:3Collapse )


It's the most wonderful time of year again! No, not the holiday season. It's the time of year when the end-of-the world fics start popping up at apocalyptothon. (Including mine.)

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